WTF? – Strange stuff happening to Fox News as the USA is becoming a Banana republic

The raid on Trump is making him even more popular. That is easy to understand. Why would the Democrats do that? Suddenly, on short notice, the fantastic Tucker Carlsson is missing from his show, and former Young Global Leader, American politician and United States Army Reserve officer, Tulsi Gabbard, is his stand in, but no notice on why.

When searching for the episode on Youtube you first encounter an account from “Mergen”, with a lot of sudden cuts in the video that is 28 minutes and 27 seconds long (I downloaded it), and when searching on Tucker Carlsson Tonight the clip is not there. On the Fox News you only get a small portion of it. “Harmeet Dhillon on Trump raid: Anyone who cares about civil liberties should be disturbed“.

Searching once more on the Youtube I only get another small portion of it with a small pre recorded Tucker Carlsson added in the end. Where is Tucker? Did the FBI arrest him as well? Why did they remove so much from the show?

What is going on? Is this the first symptoms of the civil war leading us towards the end of the pedophile empire, the end of the bank mafia and towards decency and World Peace?

For the people of the USA: Trust nobody, but George Carlin and talk openly and critically with each other!

George Carlin “The American Dream” You have to be asleep to believe it.



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