Censorship – Facebook blocks scientist linking to peer reviewed research

The Swedish scientist Ralf Sundberg has been censored by Facebook for stating evident truth, linking to peer reviewed research, according to himself in this video from SwebbTV (in Swedish). Another video with Ralf Sundberg in English about the LCHF-diet be found here. We should ask ourselves why Sundberg was censored! I believe the answer is […]

Music Video – The Peace Day (24 January 2021) – International Peace Bureau & Noam Chomsky

This year, the Online World Social Forum 2021 will host a day dedicated to Peace, Geopolitics, Militarization, Migration, and War. International Peace Bureau (IPB) and partners have played a central role in preparing the activities for this day. Join us all for one event, or several, all day long! This music video is the video […]