Dr. Michael Yeadon: “I Didn t Do My Homework … I m Ashamed That I Was Pro-Vaccine”

Admitting incompetence, and expressing shame, is very touching, and in my opinion very compassionate. Dr. Michael Yeadon is now going from being a partial anti-vaxxer into a full blown anti-vaxxer. https://odysee.com/@Robert-Self:a0/Dr.-Mike-Yeadon–I-Didn-t-Do-My-Homework-…–I-m-Ashamed-That-I-Was-Pro-Vaccine-:1


LGBT – Vast Majority for: Gays Against Groomers

A vast majority of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people are compassionate people and are with Gays Against Groomers. https://rumble.com/v1gqmgj-gays-against-groomers-founder-jaimee-michell-tells-tucker-carlson.html Only psychopaths could be groomers, and they seem to be in a small percentage amongst us. Approximately 4%-0,5%, depending on where competent people draw their line. Do I need to tell all you people […]