Research – Olle Johansson needs help to save us and all other life –Support Prof. Johansson’s work – please donate generously to the best of your ability! –Johansson O, “The Stockholm Declaration about ‘Life EMC’”, Bee Culture Magazine 2022; May issue: 56-61  -3-part review on EMFs & the Environment: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 –“This is what your grocery store looks like without bees.”  –“Population of […]

Covid-19 – Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra in discussion with Jessica Rose – Peace Compassion & Understanding Source:–jessica-rose-phd/ 5:30 Presentation of Aseem Malhotra 11:00 Jessica Rose presents herself 13:00 Snippet of The Project Veritas video of the Pfizer scandal 16:00 Talking about some data and hidden data 20:30 Rational explanation of what brings health 23:30 Explanation of psychopathic behavior of big companies and their effect on metabolism and society. 30:00 […]

Three important words: “This is stupid!” It is time to speak truth with dignity! However, there is a problem with stupidity, pointed out by John Cleese: So even if this man is saying a very good thing, very peacefully and with compassion for our children and coming generationes, so that even very stupid people might understand, it might actually be a complete waste of time. Evil might […]

Covid-19 – Words of Peace & high Yehoshua [Jesus] energy for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

In this interview, Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz explains that the mRNA-secuence (bioweapon), producing the toxic spike protein, has been designed to be very stable, so the body cannot break it down, so the problems occurring are very difficult to reverse. He recommends people, who took it, to help their own immune systems … and to […]

Lara Logan on USA, the “Empire of Lies” – Exposing Ukraine, Covid-19, NWO, WEF & the media

The compassionate Lara Logan is magic. I love her so much as a very truthful person, and she looks fantastic, as well. Imagine her creating a rainbow coalition for world peace! That would make me so happy. Source: We’ll see if Stew and Laura will promote Trump in the big club, or the […]

Fourth vaccine(bioweapon) debate I encounter with Karan & Steve Kirsch & Marc Girardot

I felt it was a peaceful and compassionate debate, considering the possible results of it… Source: I added some small comments for the Swedish audience in Swedish. … … Forgive and forget? Are everyone ready for a peaceful amnesty towards the Covidians? More interesting: Criticism against Steve Kirsch & Robert Malone and others: […]