Dear New Crew Member

I am Martin Gustavsson, the Captain of this blog. I hope you feel relaxed and happy today. I am not only a Star trek fan with a sense of humor, who loves masquerades on holodeck. I also believe we must all work positively and constructively where we can be most useful for the next generation […]

Critique – Kerry Howley & Branko Marcetic – Why not support Tulsi Gabbard, the peace candidate?

After reading two posts, obviously seeking to crush the peace candicate Tulsi Gabbard, with all kinds of fallacies (lies) and manipulative NLP (neuro liguistic programming), I want to expose these very young writers and their legal crime against peace. Still say Aloha to them! Here they are: Branko Marcetic: Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend […]

#DemExit – What about a left-green coalition?

Through a leftist party in Sweden I read about #DemExit: Time to Launch a New Party Of, By, and For Working People. I agree with the idea of a new leftist party. The people of the USA should only accept peaceful leftist “democrats” in its own party, who do believe in peace and more equality. […]

Awesome – New ProtonVPN client for Linux

New ProtonVPN client for Linux Strong as Santas reindeers the Elves at Protonmail in Switzerland made sure that all freedom-lovers clever enough to use Linux now can take advantage of a Kill Switch and split tunneling. The ProtonVPN Linux client is fully open source, and the Proton elves has largely driven its development. The elves […]

New tactic – Demonstrations for World Peace will free Julian Assange

I just got a sad message from Al Burke with the following references: OHCHR, “UN expert on torture sounds alarm again that Julian Assange’s life may be at risk” John Pilger, “Did this happen in the home of Magna Carta?” Fidel Narvaez & Stefania Maurizi, ” “I Was Fired for Helping Julian Assange, […]