Sara Wolk and STAR voting strengthening democracy more than condorcet methods

This interview with Sara Wolk shows you in depth why STAR voting is a great idea. It is very easy to understand. I love it, and I love her compassionately for making it happen in the USA. Sara is the Executive Director at Equal Vote, Secretary at Equal Vote and STAR Voting Action Project Coordinator […]


Clip For FSF Libre Planet 2021

In this compressed clip for FSF Libre Planet 2021 (14 minutes 11MB) I talk about direct democracy, freedom, software, hardware, peace and what I would like to do for the free software community in Sweden. The reason I did it was this post from FSF:

Responding critically to Fokumlah S. Nchungong’s blogpost on Linneaus in Newsvoice

In response to: Fokumlah S. Nchungong: Is institutionalized racism still a norm in Sweden? I must partly agree with you, Fokumlah, when it comes to unemployment and segregated labour market. How did it happen? Obomba’s Killary’s & Nato’s wars, mass-migration and EU-membership created the problem. The solution is to vote for cooperating new parties taking […]