Lara Logan on USA, the “Empire of Lies” – Exposing Ukraine, Covid-19, NWO, WEF & the media

The compassionate Lara Logan is magic. I love her so much as a very truthful person, and she looks fantastic, as well. Imagine her creating a rainbow coalition for world peace! That would make me so happy. Source: We’ll see if Stew and Laura will promote Trump in the big club, or the […]

What is Leadership? Saying the evident truth?

  “Leadership is saying the truth. If you’re not capable of saying the truth, then you’re not a leader.” /David Martin Source: @ 45:30 (Mirror) I would suggest a leader is someone either leading himself or herself, or a person that people follow, and unfortunately sometimes a psychopathic liar, but I also agree. Evident […]

How the shitlibs lied to win the election by framing a 17-year old boy

How the shitlibs lied to win the election by framing a 17-year old boy Understand that not all lefties are shitlibs! Shitlibs are self-serving psychopaths who are subscribers of neoliberal economics and governance, creating racism and divisions. Shitlibs support less taxation for big business and corporations and increased taxes for smaller businesses and workers. Shitlibs […]

Critique – Kerry Howley & Branko Marcetic – Why not support Tulsi Gabbard, the peace candidate?

After reading two posts, obviously seeking to crush the peace candicate Tulsi Gabbard, with all kinds of fallacies (lies) and manipulative NLP (neuro liguistic programming), I want to expose these very young writers and their legal crime against peace. Still say Aloha to them! Here they are: Branko Marcetic: Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend […]