Understand Vipassana insight meditation by Christopher Titmuss

This talk by by Christopher Titmuss increases our understanding of Vipassana meditation and was recorded in Germany, 2011. Direct link to 66Mb MP3-recording: https://archive.org/download/20110218WhatIsVipassana/20110218%20What%20is%20Vipassana.mp3 According to Titmuss, the word Vipassana was originally used by monks who dedicated themselves to meditation for insight rather than rituals, ceremonies and forms. Vipassana means “to double the contact” and […]

Our focus on World Peace in meditation is the key to freedom for all

I read an old Swedish blog post today linking to another page and another page encouraging me to write to Julian Assange. I was surprised to see he is still in prison. “As of the 1 June hearing, Assange’s full extradition hearing was still scheduled for 7 September.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange#Hearings_on_extradition_to_the_US Very strange that people in power […]