Clip For FSF Libre Planet 2021

In this compressed clip for FSF Libre Planet 2021 (14 minutes 11MB) I talk about direct democracy, freedom, software, hardware, peace and what I would like to do for the free software community in Sweden. The reason I did it was this post from FSF:

Music Video – The Peace Day (24 January 2021) – International Peace Bureau & Noam Chomsky

This year, the Online World Social Forum 2021 will host a day dedicated to Peace, Geopolitics, Militarization, Migration, and War. International Peace Bureau (IPB) and partners have played a central role in preparing the activities for this day. Join us all for one event, or several, all day long! This music video is the video […]

Critique – Kerry Howley & Branko Marcetic – Why not support Tulsi Gabbard, the peace candidate?

After reading two posts, obviously seeking to crush the peace candicate Tulsi Gabbard, with all kinds of fallacies (lies) and manipulative NLP (neuro liguistic programming), I want to expose these very young writers and their legal crime against peace. Still say Aloha to them! Here they are: Branko Marcetic: Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend […]

Interview about peace with students

Everyone wants peace and freedom, but how do we get it, and what is “freedom”? Interview with Kajsa, Elliot, Sofie, Adam and Harry about environemnt peace and respect Kristianstad, democracy, Lund, University, peace, respect, environment, ecology, sustainability, liberalism, Jesus, meditation, politics Interview about peace with exchange students Lifke und Filip from Germany in german […]