A well hidden secret – Librem 5 – A freedom PC in your pocket

So what do I find hidden in the SPAM-filter of Protonmail? – The least SPAM-like mail I have ever seen. https://fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-202209.sv.html What kind of  cracker is responsible for that? So what has gone wrong between the people at fsfe.org and Proton, I wonder? Hmm… Well, Proton is still not open and free, I guess…So, what […]


Security & Communication – ProtonMail delivers an updated Tor-site – An important step

The intelligent and compassionate people at ProtonMail delivered an updated Tor-site. This will increase the possibilities of secure and unhampered communication. I want to point out that open free hardware, open free operating systems and apps, of course, are essential for any security. Higher safety comes from hardware and software that is known, and have […]