Civil Disobedience – Dr Robert Malone – This is a Mahatma Gandhi moment

The World Economic Forum and Their Ambition to Subdue Humanity – Dr. Robert Malone What Malone is talking about is civil disobedience in mass. Don’t let them make you and your children into slaves! Disobey all kinds of mandates, lockdowns, tests, masks, all things that make no sense because it is unscientific. Tell your family, […]


Compassionate scientists ending the pandemic peacefully by simultaneous vaccination and herd immunity

A two hour discussion between Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Robert Malone (English subtitles) (Transcript) on COVID vaccines, risks, and policies. These two compassionate scientists believe in the possibility of ending the pandemic, by simultaneous vaccination and herd immunity with help from the non vaccinated. So what can we do to help them succeed in […]