Research – Olle Johansson needs help to save us and all other life –Support Prof. Johansson’s work – please donate generously to the best of your ability! –Johansson O, “The Stockholm Declaration about ‘Life EMC’”, Bee Culture Magazine 2022; May issue: 56-61  -3-part review on EMFs & the Environment: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 –“This is what your grocery store looks like without bees.”  –“Population of […]

Fourth vaccine(bioweapon) debate I encounter with Karan & Steve Kirsch & Marc Girardot

I felt it was a peaceful and compassionate debate, considering the possible results of it… Source: I added some small comments for the Swedish audience in Swedish. … … Forgive and forget? Are everyone ready for a peaceful amnesty towards the Covidians? More interesting: Criticism against Steve Kirsch & Robert Malone and others: […]

Censorship – Facebook blocks scientist linking to peer reviewed research

The Swedish scientist Ralf Sundberg has been censored by Facebook for stating evident truth, linking to peer reviewed research, according to himself in this video from SwebbTV (in Swedish). Another video with Ralf Sundberg in English about the LCHF-diet be found here. We should ask ourselves why Sundberg was censored! I believe the answer is […]