Three important words: “This is stupid!” It is time to speak truth with dignity! However, there is a problem with stupidity, pointed out by John Cleese: So even if this man is saying a very good thing, very peacefully and with compassion for our children and coming generationes, so that even very stupid people might understand, it might actually be a complete waste of time. Evil might […]

Lara Logan on USA, the “Empire of Lies” – Exposing Ukraine, Covid-19, NWO, WEF & the media

The compassionate Lara Logan is magic. I love her so much as a very truthful person, and she looks fantastic, as well. Imagine her creating a rainbow coalition for world peace! That would make me so happy. Source: We’ll see if Stew and Laura will promote Trump in the big club, or the […]

What is Leadership? Saying the evident truth?

  “Leadership is saying the truth. If you’re not capable of saying the truth, then you’re not a leader.” /David Martin Source: @ 45:30 (Mirror) I would suggest a leader is someone either leading himself or herself, or a person that people follow, and unfortunately sometimes a psychopathic liar, but I also agree. Evident […]