62% Of Americans Want A Third Party

Finally, the citizens of the USA (62%) has had enough of the corrupted 1%. People in The People’s Party are leading the way. I feel World Peace is coming. Hope this will inspire people in Sweden to cooperate against the monopoly guys as well. Here Jimmys Dores homepage, in case the elite decides to shut […]

Our focus on World Peace in meditation is the key to freedom for all

I read an old Swedish blog post today linking to another page and another page encouraging me to write to Julian Assange. I was surprised to see he is still in prison. “As of the 1 June hearing, Assange’s full extradition hearing was still scheduled for 7 September.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange#Hearings_on_extradition_to_the_US Very strange that people in power […]