Interview about peace with students

Everyone wants peace and freedom, but how do we get it, and what is “freedom”? Interview with Kajsa, Elliot, Sofie, Adam and Harry about environemnt peace and respect Kristianstad, democracy, Lund, University, peace, respect, environment, ecology, sustainability, liberalism, Jesus, meditation, politics Interview about peace with exchange students Lifke und Filip from Germany in german […]


Awsome news for world peace – The “bomb liberals” are shrinking in Sweden

The “bomb liberal” party of Sweden, called “Liberalerna”, is shrinking. They are not yet peaceful like for example the libertarian Lars Bern in Sweden, the libertarian Ron Paul, or the green Jill Stein, or the socialist Tulsi Gabbard, or like the socialist Michael Parenti in the USA. Not at all. So these “bomb liberals”shrinking is […]