Tage Danielsson – “The ism-poem” or “Advice to a newborn baby”

From the Swedish peace-movement a card about peace. I have translated this peaceful text to all of you, because it has become more and more important for all of us, especially to write this in the international language of English.

Picture of Tage Danielsson

“The ism-poem” or “Advice to a newborn baby”

Before becoming a capitalist,
communist, monetarist,
anarchist, marxist, fascist,
terrorist, imperialist,
socialist, syndicalist,
or even a kapital liberal
tiny you need to understand
that as soon as you can walk,
you should toddle in and join
the world party for peace
that comes before everything else.
All the -isms where we stopped
are second-rate, not the greatest.
Peace must come first.
If it does not, my friend,
then nothing comes after it.

/ Tage Danielsson Source: Swedish peace-movement a card about peace.

Picture of Tage Danielsson

“ism-dikten” eller “råd till ett nyfött barn”

Innan du blir kapitalist,
kommunist, monetarist,
anarkist, marxist, fascist,
terrorist, imperialist,
socialist, syndikalist,
eller rentav folkpartist
måste lilla du förstå
att så snart som du kan gå
bör du stultande gå med
i det världsparti för fred
som går före allting annat.
Alla –ismer där vi stannat
är sekunda, inte störst.
Freden måste komma först.
Gör den inte det, min vän,
kommer inget efter den.

/Tage Danielsson Källa: Svenska Freds Gratulationskort med Tage Danielssons dikt.

Please do translate it to more languages, link to this page, and tell everybody, espesially people who need to be sceptical about an ism and need to radiate more peace, calm down, get into a peaceful state through contemplation or meditation!

Then together, make sure, by understanding things deeply, to always be awesome, work for and vote for inclusive peaceful politicians and peaceful parties that radiates peace and respect and who are eager to make everyone join and deliver it together!

Our world depends on each and every one of you. You yourself can be that last drop in the cup that makes this world come into a more peaceful balance. It is all about your intention, your calmness, your compassion, your deep understanding and your action because you have much more influence than you think in every little detail of your life. Just look at it deeply with an open mind!

Where I work for peace? Through a Swedish scientific party and an inclusive Rainbow coalition where everybody is welcome regardless of ism (as long as it is legal).

Thanks for the contribution
of this wonderful card in Swedish goes to Kao.


One thought on “Tage Danielsson – “The ism-poem” or “Advice to a newborn baby”

  1. Den är så sann den dikten. Synd att TD dog alltför tidigt. Han var glasklar! Galant! Genialisk!

    // Kao
    (Nytt inlägg av mej om kriminaliteten på alla nivåer i Sverige idag)


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