Covid-19 – Ingemar Ljungqvist extending accusation against The Scientific Radio of Sweden

According to Ingemar Ljungqvist, a swedish controversial author, a police report was made the 25th of July 2021, claiming that the Swedish Public Service Studio: “Vetenskapsradion” (Science editorial of the Swedish Radio Broadcasting) are covering up crimes committed by leading figures of the World Economic Forum, Big Pharma like Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, GAVI and their […]


Covid-19 – Vaccine passports – Millions in demonstration in Stockholm Sweden

Here on Youtube – Many doctors, helping us understand, speak out in front of massive compassionate and peaceful support from the Swedish people against organized crime from Big Pharma, media and government. Here on Internet Archive, the best speech off them all, translated to English. Demonstration Stockholm Doctor Nils Littorin speaks to an enormous mass […]

Clip For FSF Libre Planet 2021

In this compressed clip for FSF Libre Planet 2021 (14 minutes 11MB) I talk about direct democracy, freedom, software, hardware, peace and what I would like to do for the free software community in Sweden. The reason I did it was this post from FSF:

Interview with electrical engineer Jose from Guatemala about sustainable energy

At the awesome site, leading to openness and freedom om the Internet, with potential to lead to World Peace, I have uploaded an interesting interview with Jose about sustainable energy. The interview about sustainable energy took place in Sweden, close to the Linnaeus University at the lake Trummen. Of course you can download the […]

Responding critically to Fokumlah S. Nchungong’s blogpost on Linneaus in Newsvoice

In response to: Fokumlah S. Nchungong: Is institutionalized racism still a norm in Sweden? I must partly agree with you, Fokumlah, when it comes to unemployment and segregated labour market. How did it happen? Obomba’s Killary’s & Nato’s wars, mass-migration and EU-membership created the problem. The solution is to vote for cooperating new parties taking […]