Understand – It is time for Nazi Germany & Nazi France to WAKE UP!

Nothing wrong to make the best for your countries. Nothing wrong to wave the flags in pride. Not at all. I do have compassion with you for your suffering after Hitlers bamboozle. I wish you all peace and prosperity.

Also, nothing wrong with balanced socialism, in my opinion, but beware of who controls it and how, and if it really is “socialism” according to the textbook, or we might be facing another Stalingrad soon!

Germany is once again Attacking Russia. France is involved too. Once again the resistance needs to take charge!

It does NOT look like “socialism” as in “national socialism”, and it does not look like “left-wing nationalism” from France. On the contrary, it seems like the monopoly capitalism, once more, is funding corrupt capitalist Nazis with a clear agenda, to eradicate other ethnic groups.

First they began with the eradication of Russian-speakers, a so-called “ethnic cleansing”. This time in Ukraine, probably all in order to provoke Russia, which the last time lost 20-30 million people to a Nazi invasion, and in the process the monopoly capitalists make money for the military-industrial complex.

You might not realize what the Nazis in Ukraine did before Russia started the invasion? Why did you not realize it? – Well, because your monopoly capitalist media did not cover it. Mostly only alternative media did. Any report covering what these Nazis now do against Russian-speaking former Ukrainians in Donbass is being muffled. Oliver Stone, and many others, did however cover why Ukraine is burning.

How long will the truth survive this time? Already journalists telling us the truth, like the Australian Julian Assange, the German Alina Lipp and the French Anne-Laure Bonnel, are treated worse than criminals by the undemocratic regime we are under, when in fact they are heroes.

I call it a “regime”, since these Nazis are not upholding freedom of speech and are not doing what the people want, which signifies a “democracy” in the true sense of the word. Also, their rights as journalists are not being upheld by the Nazi legal system.

Because of the Internet, it is much more difficult to muffle the truth today, unless you are a complete moron, not being motivated to look for the truth, willingly believing the lies.

However, A good sign is that the Nazi power elite are now so desperate that they attack journalists telling the truth, thereby giving us all A CLEAR SIGNAL of who they really are. People are also being attacked by them on Facebook and Youtube if they speak the evident truth.

Freedom of speech is the basis of democracy, and now it is under attack once again in Germany and in Europe and the USA. And who would have thought that the French regime would ever become Nazis? “Beware of what you vote for!” also goes for the French!

You then might think that most of your media is controlled by the Jews and that Zelensky is a Jew, so what I say does not make sense? – I understand how you think. Why would the Jews funnel money and weapons to a Nazi-Jew and Nazism? – My opinion is that Zelensky and the monopoly capitalists are not “Jews” at all. Not at all. Maybe they use “Jew” and “anti-Semitism” as a cloak and control words, to silence criticism, but if claiming so, they are most likely liars.

Just look at reality! Make a reality check! Are they following the ten commandments, are they going to their synagogue, are they believing in God, and are they doing good things or are they corrupt?

In my opinion, Jesus, who was a Jew, would have named them “The synagogue of Satan” since they probably worship the money god, Mammon, the golden calf, or maybe Moloch, not the ten commandments in the Old Testament, which signifies a Jew.

Also, beware that Hitler did have people calling themselves Jews within the Nazi party. So people calling themselves “Jews” were part of the invasion of Russia before, under the Nazi flag, and some claim Hitler was 1/8 Jew, but of course that is a silly claim, since a religion is a belief, not an ethnic/genetic matter.

What to do? – Well firstly, voting for the current Nazi-regime, is probably not a good idea in any country. We know them by two psychopathic characteristics. They are in favor of the war crimes perpetrated by NATO, planning to destroy and destroying other nations. They are in favor of the EU, creating more wealth for the rich and making the rest poor, and creating chaos, because they do not give a shit about you. Their leaders are often in cahoots with the monopoly capitalists through the WEF or the Bilderberg group. Check this before voting!

Organize! Join good parties, or make new good parties, and form broad rainbow coalitions against electoral thresholds. Don’t care what other things separate your opinions, unless it is really dangerous to your nation!

Be courageous! Communicate! Reach out in real life to neighbors and friends! Listen to each other and speak the truth.

Use credible sources! Be aware that all scientists and all scientific reports are not telling us the truth. They lie for their monopoly companies. However, the evident truth is like the moon on a clear night sky, easy to find if you look for it and there are good honest scientists too!

Keep a good eye on the voting process! Ideally it should be the people themselves locally counting the votes, nobody else! Nothing should go through any middle men or digital systems with administrators or crackers!



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