Digital freedom – Why upcycle Windows 7? – A pedophilicans honeypot for the FSF children?

I notice that Windows 7 recently crossed into afterlife. I can’t say I’ve been in mourning any Windows distribution. I forgot about Windows completely after I easily installed Linux Mint on a PC from a USB-stick. Very easy, in fact, and such a nice feeling when it was done.

Nowadays I am only remembered by the Windows nightmare by people who are determined to suffer, like some kind of victimized Jew mourning WWII ethnic cleansing all year long, while supporting recent history of ethnic cleansing. I am baffled every time I encounter the double standard.

Samsung and Huawei “smartphones” use Google’s Android operating system, but have added all kinds of “non-smart” malware on their “smartphones”. Linux Mint comes with a bundle of useful software too, but it can be easily uninstalled and replaced by any open free software of your own taste and you can choose to bloc non-proprietary software too. The reason to non-proprietary software I learned from the digitally decent Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation.

Factory added malware on Huawei and Samsung phones can’t be uninstalled, but still Google’s Android, that actually built on GNU/Linux, has probably often been experienced as a big step in the right direction, by many users who just bloc the added malware mentally, but it is still not even close to a kangaroo jump, like a Librem 5 probably is.

Be the change you want to see in this world - Cat and a girl on a roof

Until I can afford a Librem 5, or similar, hopefully with a battery-smart AMOLED screen at that point, I propably will do just fine with an old PC with Linux Mint Cinamon on a PC, theme Y-dark, with Firefox and the add-ons “NoScript” and “Dark Background and light text”, plus my cool pilot sunglasses against the blue light in the evening to start the melatonin going.

Yes. That will probably continue to feel like to “do the right thing” for me, for a while longer. I also believe it helps me to sleep like a baby, with quite a clear consciousness too, believing I am hopefully doing at least 85% good things, with these wonderful tools.

The direction, of small steps or jumping towards freedom, is obvious even for a mentally challenged person. The future is likely to be open and free. The consumer wants it and the costumer is always right, as they say. It is very true for me, at least, even if it is less true when I see people doing the wrong choices, often with false appeal to emotion, not in line with rationality.

That some banks or big businesses want to fence costumers in, with non-free hardware and software, is not a rational argument for us to do let them do that, or even for them to keep doing that. It is simply wrong even in a capitalist sense, since it destroys the principle of a free market. So. As soon as alternative banks and alternative companies offer free solutions for transactions, the open free alternatives are likely to be the new future winners. To “do the right thing” will be equivalent to be an open free winner.

Who wants Windows then? Or even Android? Who does even want to remember software terror and abuse? Sure we will remember the mass murder of 1939-1945, as well as the smaller mass murder of September 11, 2001, until now, by the “axis of goodness”, but sane people do want to stop arming both state terrorists and terrorists of course. We all want peace and to “do the right thing”, right?

Picture of Python with a unicorn hatWhat naive person would go back to a psychopath who has made a “change in tone” … and says “loves open source” but is still forcing people to upgrade to more malware, wanting to control them and manipulate them? We all know psychopaths are very unlikely to change. So. Why be naive? Why don’t you move away from it, when it is what it is?

Who wants “small but important components of Windows” as a token of “love” for “free software”? To support it looks to me like some kind of sick sectarian pedophilicans supporting child abusers, who are luring children with candy. I can only imagine what both the pedophiles and the non-free hidden parts of Windows are up to. Probably the same as usual. Abuse for short term greedy purposes. Now. How about long term thinking? How about decency?

The greedy will always be poor, as in the play The Miser by Moliere. The yacht can ever be too big for a shallow narcissist, so they probably want to get hold of “the children” of the too, in order to be able to abuse them for profit. In my opinion, you have to be a complete naive child in order to even have the thought of letting abusers into the FSF-playground … or maybe even be an accomplice?

What kind of honeypot is being used to achieve such behavior does not matter to me! Come clear, be remorseful and you will be forgiven! We are all human with weaknesses. We are all close relatives to the very sexual Bonobo chimpanzee, not robots. Asexuality is unusual.

We are all weak in some way. Easily scared. Not so brave and social Zuckers for honeypots and often greedy for gadgets. Nature is strong. Try not to be a Zucker, but don’t too be hard on yourself if you sometimes catch yourself with the hand in a honeypot!

Do meditate on it! Will anyone survive the next extinction event, anyway? No. So why be scared at all? Be brave! Only our posthumous reputation will survive for X amount of time, anyway. And still, we are not what others say. We are really what we do. We are our own intentions. Judge yourself honestly! It is very easy if you try. Ask questions in silence with integrity! Do not think to fleetingly! Understand things deeply!

The abusers who repeat their sins without remorse are, most likely, psychopaths, analyzing our weaknesses and trying to use them. Have no shame for being human! Have no shame for mistakes! Just have courage enough to be remorseful! That is human. That is civilized.

And what about Google protecting Windows 7? Is it not obvious what Google is doing? Google seems to be suggesting that “Enterprise users should make the move to Windows 10” … “in the interim”… Why does a s.c. “competitor” suggest to use another competitors operating system? What a strange behavior! It goes against basic game theory in the capitalist system.

Maybe not so strange at all. The name of the game is evident. They are NOT competitors at all. They are like twins. They probably have the same Mummy and Daddy in the monopolistic plutocratic military industrial complex structure. The monopoly is evident, not a fantasy. Democracy and capitalism, serving the people, has undermined itself and become plutocracy and monopoly.

noam_chomsky_80x80“Both parties have shifted well to the right, the Republicans almost off the spectrum. Respected conservative commentator Norman Ornstein described them, plausible, as a ‘radical insurgency’ that has largely abandoned parliamentary politics. Democrats now are mostly what used to be called ‘moderate Republicans.’ There’s ample evidence that most of the population, at the lower end of the income spectrum, is effectively disenfranchised – their representatives pay no attention to their opinions. Moving up the income ladder, influence increases slowly, but it’s only at the very top that it has real impact. Plutocracy masquerading as formal democracy.”
/ Noam Chomsky (Source:

And by the way. Terrorism is NOT a reason for forced installation and totalitarian Orwellian surveillance on the entire population! Terrorism and sectarianism is usually, controlled by psychopaths, sometimes the same ones, or as a result of state terrorism against sovereign counties, lies of WMD:s, theft of oil, economic hitmen’s war crimes against people, crimes that create misery and hate, and illegal torture against heroic whistle-blowers. Think peace and decency instead! Vote for peace!

Bild på Tiulsi Gabbard”Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose. It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly.”
/ Tulsi Gabbard Source:

Bild på Jill Stein”The same blowhard politicians talking about ”bringing democracy” to Venezuela have aided & abetted the Saudi dictators executing dissidents, murdering journalists & starving millions of kids in Yemen. They don’t give a damn about democracy or poor people’s lives. It’s about OIL.”
/ Jill Stein

Bild på George Orwell“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”
/ George Orwell Source:

Nobody who was exposed to abuse forgets about the abuse. It is hopefully soon over for the old abusers. Evolution will solve it. We will solve it together. Not only when we vote, but when we recycle, when we buy and when we install. If we do it it will hopefully soon be over for any company that wants to be associated with malware abuse.

In my opinion all hardware companies should take the opportunity to “do the right thing”, and fast, if they want to survive and be potential future winners! Also all social media companies should meditate on it! The alternatives are already there.

I am using WordPress myself and it is is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites, as of April 2019. it is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use AND A VERY SOCIAL MEDIA, not locked up behind non-trivial javascript, algorithms and shadow banning, as the monopolized ones are.

Abusive companies have all reasons to admit what they have done, and express regrets AND change, ad change fast, but the children of the do not have to beg them to do anything, and absolutely NEVER trust anything from them, ever again! That would be extremely naive. Why expose the FSF-children to such risks?

Just let the old sick abusers reach their “end-of-life”! They do not need petitions. It is soon over for the old abusers. They can repair their reputation a bit, but just keep them away from the children of the FSF! The posthumous reputation is not really “raspberry cake” for the abusers.

The Raspberry cake with dark chocolate chips is however, forever, strongly associated with the entire, GNU of the social Richard Stallman and Linux of Linus Torvalds and all wonderful distributions, by countless of other heroes, offering digital freedom.


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