Violent documentary by Topher Field – Battleground Melbourne

I must warn you that this documentary is far more violent and more disturbing than you ever did see from the communist (or monopoly capitalist) China’s repression of capitalist Hong Kong.

My own critique of the Labour Party comes from the left of the Labour Party. I am a real democratic socialist who want a mixed but more equal society, and I do not care how much support those policies had with a population in mass formation, because of a lying media. The policies in this documentary were clearly a violation of human rights and caused severe depression mentally and economically, while the rich got richer.

Battleground Melbourne is an extraordinary documentary, and you might still find it on YouTube, Rumble, BitChute and Internet Archive

… but who knows for how long?

Why? Because censorship like that could happen anywhere and everywhere. Why? – Well, because psychopathic narcissists might dare to go down the same path worldwide, again. This might just have been a rehearsal for their next event, or maybe we have not yet seen the long term effects of the mass vaccination jabs yet?

Extremely stupid, of course, just like most psychopathic narcissists are, but indeed quite possible when born with such stupidity, and if they do, just imagine what a few well-trained well-prepared men with character could do to stop those totalitarian terrorists! For example, I just did see a great story about a Finnish hero called White Death and Magic Shooter. Imagine if he had met Hitler and his totalitarian Nazi buddies early!

Policemen and policewomen with character did quit, instead of working for the leading terrorists in Melbourne. So. Who are left in the police force, and in the s.c. “anti terror squad” committing terrorism against their own people, in Melbourne? – The ones without character, of course, or people who are forced to stay in the police force for family reasons, but are secretly loyal to the people, people who, when getting an opportunity, just might do exactly “the right thing” for their own children’s future and for any democracy.

The  policemen and policewomen with character should be ready to make a democratic revolution, because if peaceful protesters are met with totalitarian terror, then that does not mean that you should tolerate violence from a totalitarian bastard and his fear stricken blind followers in mass formation!

Terror reign must be ended swiftly by professionals, erasing all totalitarian bastards, and straight after there must be new direct democratic elections, preferably even direct democratic elections about new parts of a new constitution with laws protecting against such tyranny, thereby safeguarding real democracy, like in Switzerland!

Battleground Melbourne is a story of men and women who love their own freedom and their comrade’s freedom. It’s a story of courage.

But one thing is missing, and that is the real reason for all this. Without understanding the real reason, one will not be able to heal the sickness completely. The real reason will be found when following the money, eventually leading you to big corporations and banks, in meetings without democratic transparency, on a yearly basis, under different names.

And what is the reason we still allow it? – Well, the people watch monopoly media and vote for more monopoly capitalism, year after year, putting psychopaths and their lackey’s in power, and they come in all kinds of alluring colors, as you can see, also under the false flag of the Labour Party, but not working for the laborers at all. Not at all. That said; Do not turn blindly in an even more monopoly capitalist or totalitarian direction, which would be even more stupid!

Anyway, Battleground Melbourne is an extraordinary documentary of a dysfunctional parliament, sham ‘inquiries’, politically motivated arrests, secrecy, abuse of human rights, and heavily armored riot police roaming the streets with potentially deadly ‘shoot on sight’ orders against unarmed civilians.

Battleground Melbourne, narrated by Topher Field, could possibly be one of the most important documentaries of this century, maybe even the beginning of peace and ecological sustainability for Melbourne and the rest of the world.

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