Why a doctor becomes an antivaxxer – Interview of Andrew Wakefield by Steve Kirsch

I have long been a vaxxer. Sure. I understood early that something might be very fishy in some big pharma companies after the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, and the side effects, so when Covid-19 came I was on my guard, and thankfully I got Covid-19 early, took lemons with vitamin C, since the oranges had no acidity in the supermarket. I also managed to get UVB rays in order to get vitamin D, and did not take any shot.

Flu can produce side effects too. And I guess it did and still do. I seem to have an immune system attacking Covid strains, getting a cold now and then. While my immune system is strong, it seems to knock it out every time. However, I tend to get an over activation and at the end of the cold I often get an attack on my liver. A small pill of antihistamine stops it every time.

I have great respect for a doctor in Sweden, Nils Littorin, and he claimed that antivaxxers were a problem, in the demonstration i Stockholm against vaccine passports, so I falsely assumed that dangerous vaccines were a new phenomenon.

This excellent interview of Andrew Wakefield by Steve Kirsch changed my mind about that. The interview has good sound quality, is clear and easy to understand, has great detail and excellent questions, making it very credible.



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