LGBT – Vast Majority for: Gays Against Groomers

A vast majority of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people are compassionate people and are with Gays Against Groomers.

Only psychopaths could be groomers, and they seem to be in a small percentage amongst us. Approximately 4%-0,5%, depending on where competent people draw their line. Do I need to tell all you people to FUBAR them? If you respect children, then just do it! You can save a lot of children. Peace for the children. World Peace, hopefully.

It was difficult to find GAG:s homepage on some search engines. Instead, the search engines often linked to some of the social media belonging to the pedophiles… Could those be the pedophile’s search engines too? Check it out yourself! Next. Ponder on what kind of social media or search engines you want to promote!

My own advice is to use them all and link to your own homepage a lot. Channel the people to the homepage and there advise them to use platforms NOT owned by the despicable power elite! Preferably open and free, as described by and PeerTube, Signal, Telegram, WordPress, ProtonMail, and Mastodon are great ones to promote, in my opinion!

I’d buy Jaimee Michell a cup of green tea any time and offer my genes in a cup! What a great woman! We need more brave people like that. Beautiful inside and out.



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