Our focus on World Peace in meditation is the key to freedom for all

I read an old Swedish blog post today linking to another page and another page encouraging me to write to Julian Assange. I was surprised to see he is still in prison.

“As of the 1 June hearing, Assange’s full extradition hearing was still scheduled for 7 September.”

Very strange that people in power dare putting a journalist in jail for doing real journalist work, contributing to peace with good character like in this TED-talk, especially considering the growing chance of democratic revolution against all those shallow, narcissistic chauvinistic paedophilicans and sociopaths in power. But anyway. I became inspired today and wrote this to the journalist hero Julian Assange:

Hi Julian!

Now today I realize I am one with the force that will make you free and everybody else too.

In meditation, when breathing deeply, I feel it has to do very much with you as well, Julian. You are actually part of World Peace happening faster, because of your great character. Also Snowden and Manning can help by doing meditation, and everybody else. I feel that all humanity will be truly free when World Peace occurs and that includes you too.

This might not only save your life, by making you feel peaceful, right away. I might give you courage and energy to continue in this moment, strengthen your compassion for other people suffering too right now. It could give you better ability expressing this compassion more clearly or give you the insight leading you to focus on World Peace and freedom for all, since everyone really wants World Peace and freedom for all, except in some very few exceptions.

Some people claim they have no time to do meditation. That is obviously not true, but you have all the time you need. So see this time for meditation as a gift! We do only live on for ever in peoples hearts and minds. We are really only what actions we leave behind and the peace and safety we can create for our children. So grow to be even more awesome!

Have courage if you go to the USA, Julian! It could actually be a great change for you. Welcome it! It will have a great effect on the USA when you arrive. I promise. Soon USA will be ruled by awake beautiful peaceful people and you will be free. I can feel it. Now focus on World Peace in your meditation, Julian!


RAP NEWS | Episode XIII: A News Hope – YouTube

Picture of George Orwell“During times of
universal deceit,
telling the truth
becomes a
revolutionary act.”
/ George Orwell


…and I am motivated to do revolution daily.


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